Tim Duncan
DR TIM DUNCAN - Doctor and Film Maker


Medical Doctor and Film Maker, Tim graduated from Medicine at Monash University and Film & TV at The Victorian College of the Arts. His journey to this point, however, has been somewhat unconventional.

Tim's life was changed forever after a near fatal car accident in Kakadu, which he survived only after being rescued by three Aboriginal men and a retrieval doctor out of Darwin. The experience was made into an Australian Story episode in 2019, and led Tim to becoming a retrieval Doctor himself.

Now in the unique position of being able to combine medical and artistic careers, Tim is devoted to the care of those most remote and vulnerable, as a doctor, while as a film maker, he seeks to create a humorous and honest commentary on society.

One of Tim's award winning films, Aboriginal Heart, is based on his own experience as a doctor working in a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory. It premiered at Sydney Film Festival before playing at London Film Festival, Melbourne and in Venice, winning multiple awards for Best Indigenous Film.

After 5 years as a Royal Flying Doctor in Queensland, medical advisor and guest presenter on the ABC’s Ask The Doctor, Tim is committed to both Medicine in the outback and Film wherever there's a story to be told.

Contact: timjduncan@gmail.com